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Mental Strength

Experiencing challenges from time to time is just a part of life. And it happens to all of us – these challenges may look a little different for each person, but at some point, we will all face something that provokes us and tests us. The wounds of our childhood can impact who we grow to be. And as adults, whether it’s the lingering impact of what we faced in our youth, newly-acquired traumas and self-doubt, or even the challenges of daily life, the challenges we face can bring us any number of emotions from stress, anxiety, and frustration, to fear and fatigue. But it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it, actually – since these challenges can actually be really good for us. How? Because they can make us mentally and emotionally stronger. Strength doesn’t always have to come in the form of fighting battles, either – it can involve us roaring loudly and never giving up on the things that matter to us, but it can also be quiet, like walking away from something that hurts us, or developing the courage to say “No” to something that doesn’t serve us well. Building resilience can not only help us cope with life’s challenges, it can help us grow, enabling us to bounce back from hardships more confident, empowered, and better than we were before.

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How to Quiet the Monkey Mind

When the mental activity of the “monkey mind” won’t switch off, life inside our own heads can become an inescapable nightmare. An analogy from Buddhist teaching, this term describes the restless animation of non-stop thoughts that crash around our interior world like monkeys swinging from tree to tree. A racing mind can keep us up at night, affect our work and personal lives, keep us paralyzed in inaction, steal our inner peace, drain our energy, and have longer-term consequences on our well-being. We can even get addicted to the incessant activity of the monkey mind, which reinforces the stress cycle rather than solving it. According to both Buddhism and modern clinical research, mindfulness is the most effective way to quiet things down. By “training” the monkeys to be calmer and less distracting from moment to moment, we can actually think more clearly and act more effectively. Here are some mindful methods for quieting the monkey mind.

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Mental Strength
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How do we find comfort during hard times? How can we reframe our perspectives, so that we can turn a hardship into a positive life lesson? Is it possible to be strong yet gentle at the same time? These are all questions that may come up as we explore our mental strength – and even the act of asking the question is part of how we build it, since self-awareness, self-accountability, and developing the desire to transform difficult situations into experiences that help us grow is the first step.

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