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What is the meaning of life? It’s an enormous question, and one that people from every part of the world have tried to answer since perhaps the beginning of time. However, it’s not the only philosophical question that humankind has pondered. Whether or not you would consider yourself a philosopher, if you have ever questioned the definition or circumstances of your reality and existence, studied or been curious about the way a local or global society approaches knowledge, morals, ethics, and logic, or explored more about belief systems or the guiding principles that govern human behavior, then you have philosophized to a degree. And it is important that we do this: as individuals, this study helps to enhance our ability to problem-solve by analyzing and questioning concepts, definitions, arguments, and any problems related with them, as well as helping to organize these ideas, and identify the heart of the issue. As a society, philosophy helps us create our worldview - including the way we behave and treat others, establish morality, and how we solve problems and find solutions to them on a collective basis - as well as helping us understand and accept more of the fundamental truths of humankind, the world that we live in, and the relationships that form the foundations between it all.

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What Is Stoicism?

Imagine you're bankrupt all of a sudden due to an unexpected emergency that you can't possibly control. Perhaps it could be that one of your family members is suffering from chronic health issues and requires your help with additional medical expenses, or it could be that there's catastrophic damage to your house that needs you to instantly make a huge financial sacrifice to renovate the property. If in just a few days, you could lose most of the money and assets to which you have dedicated most of your life and time, how would you feel? You would probably experience various negative emotions from depression and rage to grief and despair. Maybe you’d also blame the world for the misfortune, finding pain in how helpless you feel, since what’s happening appears to be something that you have no power to control, no matter how desperately you wish that things could have turned out differently. 

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Did you know that the word “philosophy” literally translates to “love of wisdom”? But what defines wisdom - and how we develop it, as individuals and as a society? Pondering this is a philosophical question in and of itself - but who first wondered this as a study? (Hint: it is often said that it was Pythagoras, back in the 6th century BCE - so if you’re wondering who could be called “Father of Philosophy”, he was the first to officially and publicly define himself as a great lover of wisdom and its study, or a “philosophos”.) Who are the most famous philosophers throughout history? Are there any famous philosophers in the modern day, and if so then who are they? What are the benefits of studying philosophy? What role does philosophy play in our life? How can philosophical lessons be applied to our everyday lives, even in the modern day? What are the world’s deepest and greatest philosophical questions? Well, here are a few just to start: What makes us ‘human’? What is our purpose? What is a soul? Can fate and free will coexist? What truly constitutes right and wrong? Is there life after death? Are humans innately good or evil, and can people ever truly change? Why does suffering exist? What does it really mean to be happy? Is it wrong to seek out pleasure and try to avoid pain? Is fear a dangerous emotion, or is it an essential part of our lives and development? There are endless questions we could pose in our pursuit of more wisdom, and many of them don’t have a straightforward answer - but that’s not the point. The goal is simply to help us think, and ponder them - and in doing so, continue to explore for the possible answers, both within ourselves and as a society.

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