What Is 11.11 and Why Are People So Obsessed With It?

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When you see certain numbers or sequences, the universe is telling you something – it is giving you a sign. This is the concept of numerology, a practice based on the mystical properties of numbers. Numerology is a divination method that can be likened to astrology or palmistry – with the numbers associated with our birth date and given name offering insight and prediction about our lives. Like many other longstanding spiritual practices and belief systems, numerology and the rituals around it date back thousands of years across many cultures, and it continues to guide even the most casual of observers. Many of us are drawn to certain numbers and might look out for them – either as reassurance or maybe as a warning. Many of us might even have favorite numbers we use for making decisions or placing bets. But there are some numbers that, according to numerology, are especially important and auspicious – such as the number 11.

Meaning in numbers

11 is one of the “angel numbers” in numerology. These are numbers with recurring digits, such as 22, 33, 444, or with digits in a sequence, such as 1234. If you spot them in everyday life – such as when you glance at the clock, notice graffiti on a wall, or any of the myriad other ways numbers appear to us – take a note of what’s going on in your life and your thoughts at that time. According to numerology, you might just be receiving a sign that you’re on the right track, that you are being supported. Angel numbers are named as such because they are believed to be a message from divine forces, i.e., spirit guides or angels. 11 is also one of the three master numbers in numerology along with 22 and 33. These are especially powerful numbers, and when calculating your own numerology such as your life path number (which is done by adding the digits in your date together in a specific way and then reducing to reach a single digit), these do not get reduced.

The meaning of 11.11

The number 11 is particularly powerful in numerology because it doubles the creative force of the number 1. Number 1 is connected to initiation, possibility and action. Because it is made up of two 1s, number 11 also carries the energy of its sum: the number 2, which is connected to harmony, partnership, and intuition. So the number 11 brings these two energies together, like the yin and yang. 11 is therefore known as a channel to divine spirit, and seeing it repeated as 11.11 heightens the power of this energy. According to numerology, you are receiving a particularly powerful message when you come across 11.11 in your day – such as when you look at the clock at 11 minutes past 11, or perhaps it’s the total of your grocery shopping, or maybe you notice two number 11 buses in quick succession.

Working with 11.11

This is why 11.11 has taken on such great significance, and it’s why even in the modern day, you’ll see people talking so much about it on social media platforms. People find it exciting, comforting and galvanizing when they spot 11.11, especially if it comes to them repeatedly. It can be taken as a sign that the time is right to manifest your desires, to take action on what you have been thinking about. Some believe that 11.11 is a message of love and support from a deceased loved one, and that overall, 11.11 is confirmation from the universe that you are being held and supported. Ultimately it is a positive sign, so when you see 11.11, take note. Use it as an opportunity to think about how your life has been flowing, what has been on your mind, or any changes you’ve been considering. What train of thought were you on when you spotted 11.11? If you think about it as a sign that the universe is supporting your decision or your current path, how does that feel in your gut? If you can use that feeling to discern some self-awareness and guide yourself towards your next steps, then you may have just got your answer.


All of the content on our website is thoroughly researched to ensure that the information shared is evidence-based. For more information, please visit the academic journals that influenced this article: Information’s Magic Numbers: The Numerology of Information Science; Calendar, Numerology of Numbers, and their Origin.

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