The Law of Attraction and Science of Manifestation

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There is a lot to be said for having a positive mental attitude (PMA), and of finding greater joy in even the smallest of things. But PMA also opens the door for you to take it a step further, and willingly attract the things that bring you joy. 

In the Oscar-nominated 1980s hit Field of Dreams, a farmer dreams of turning his simple, ordinary cornfield into a successful baseball field. Despite the fact that his particular dream came with a risk of financial bankruptcy, the film is centered around the idea of reconciling our past fears and regrets so that we can move forward and progress in life ー and to not give up on the dreams we truly believe in with all of our might. One of the most iconic lines from the film ー often recognized even by those who haven’t seen it ー is “If you build it, he will come.” This line embodies the art of manifestation, when alluding to the emotional aspect of the “Law of Attraction”. But what does it mean? Quite simply, that if you will it, you can live it.

Because that is essentially what the law of attraction is, in its most fundamental form: manifestation. It is the belief that positive thoughts bring positive experiences, and the idea that the process of a person’s energy attracting more of the same can be harnessed to greatly improve their relationships, health, and wealth. It’s a wonderful concept. But is there any science behind the idea?

As far back as a century ago, a book called Mental Chemistry, by philosopher Charles Haanel, was published. In it, he discussed how thought is governed by law, much the same as mathematics, electricity, and gravity. He believed that when we begin to understand that happiness, health, success, prosperity, and every other condition or environment are actually results, and that these results are created by thinking, either consciously or unconsciously, “we shall realize the importance of a working knowledge of the laws governing thought.”

The Power Of Affirmations: Brain-Building Repetition

Manifestation essentially takes place in the brain. Given this, it would be remiss to not bring neuroplasticity into the conversation. It is the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life, and in response to experience. In layman’s terms, it means you can rewire your brain to become a more effective partner in achieving your goals. The repetition of a mantra or self-affirmation will grow neural pathways, giving rise to better focus.

Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool for well-being – as is negative thinking, with adverse effects – which is why optimism in the use of the law of attraction can be so crucial. Hope, too, can be a fine sidekick in attaining our goals, and that is a skill that can be learned with incredible results. Becoming a person with high hope can give us a pathway to our manifestation: See the possibilities; notice the beauty, benefits, and blessings; cultivate positive feelings; focus on your strengths; and create challenging goals.

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Studies have shown that people with positive thoughts and grateful minds create a happy disposition. By buying into the Law of Attraction, and harnessing positive thinking and gratitude towards happiness, you can contribute to being a part of – and helping to create – an emotionally and mentally healthy society.

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Does The Law Of Attraction Work In Relationships?

Now, let us take relationships, specifically, into consideration. Although it is not entirely tangible – being lovesick doesn’t necessarily make you physically ill, and a heart doesn’t literally “break” – there is a chemical concoction that drives a connection. You may have willed a union into existence employing the law of attraction, luring into your life the thing you most desired at that time – but that invariably set off a further internal explosion of synaptic sensations.

Lovesickness, and indeed heartbreak, though not clinically recognized, are still negative afflictions that can induce a raft of emotions that hinder well-being – which no doubt cause chaos in the physical realm. These can include depression and hopelessness, insomnia, or a loss of appetite, to name just a few. Wanting something too much can be utterly detrimental, giving rise to the fact that it is not always enough to use the law of attraction – it’s also important to use it effectively. How do you do that? Identify your goal and understand your limits (is it attainable?), focus, and create healthy habits in your objective magnetism.

My Chemical Romance

If a soulmate is what you have been manifesting, then if you are successful in your search, you will likely immediately see a stimulation of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen being boosted by lust, with more than a helping hand from the brain’s hypothalamus. Further down the line, the substantial attachment – more likely the result of a long-term relationship – sees a rise in "cuddle hormone" (oxytocin) production, along with extra vasopressin.

While it is true that we can lust for someone we’re attracted to – and obviously vice versa – attraction and lust can also exist separately and in isolation. The chemicals we subconsciously release during attraction, however, are altogether different to those of lust. High levels of dopamine and norepinephrine create a cocktail of happiness as a reward for doing things that feel good to us, which in this instance is forming and maintaining a thriving connection.

It is not surprising, then, that when we talk about the laws of attraction, our minds often drift towards relationships. We often equate success to happiness. Although it is not unheard of to feel heartbreak over missed opportunities in non-relationship situations, we certainly dream of manifesting so much more than just a healthy relationship. Most of us desire a rewarding job, a decent run of rude health, and satisfaction in solitude, for instance.

The law of attraction – the science behind manifestation – is simply based on the impact of positive thinking on positive action, and the importance of repetition. If you believe you are capable of achieving your health, wealth, or relationship dreams, the magnetic force that exists between them and the actions required to realize them, will inspire you to pursue them. But here’s the catch: you have to truly believe it to manifest it. Only then can you have the wherewithal to silence your inner critic – powerfully enough to allow your thoughts, actions, and everything else in between – to build a magnetic mindset that will inform your behavior, and allow you to attract whatever you need to make your dream a reality.

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All of the content on our website is thoroughly researched to ensure that the information shared is evidence-based. For more information, please visit the academic journals and other resources that influenced this article: Dynamic Brains and the Changing Rules of Neuroplasticity: Implications for Learning and Recovery; The Law of Attraction: Positive Thinking and Level of Gratitude Towards Happiness; When Love and Science Double Date; Love, Actually: The Science Behind Lust, Attraction, and Companionship; Positive Psychology Interventions as an Opportunity in Arab Countries to Promoting Well-Being; Law of Attraction and Essentials for Success.

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