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As a platform for humanity, we aim to connect the world with deep insights, effective tools, evidence-based research, and diverse ideas shared by experts in the fields of well-being, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. We are the world’s first integrated e-learning platform in this regard, and all of the experts we work with have been hand-picked because they, too, share our goal of inspiring people from all walks of life to cultivate more hope, health, happiness, and meaning in their lives. We are proud to partner with global thought leaders who not only offer unparalleled information to individuals worldwide, but those who also wish to elevate humanity by creating a world that is more knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, perceptive, inspired, and empowered. Not only is their work thought-provoking, insightful, and profound, it’s also designed to be as helpful and relevant for as many people around the world as possible. Infijoy’s courses break down these thought leaders’ complex ideas, theories, and wisdom into bite-sized, engaging, and solution-focused content that offers a practical approach to learning that can be applied to everyday life. So authentic is their passion for what they do that some of our course hosts write for our blog on occasion - expanding your opportunity to discover more from them. Learning has infinite possibilities, and if you like to read and learn more, why not delve deeper into some of these expert-led topics right here?

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Positive Psychology

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Learning Hopefulness: The 7 Habits of High Hope People

Eighty percent of people with depression relapse. With all of the medicines, psychotherapies, vitamins, alternative therapies, and things you’ve heard about yoga, exercise, and light therapy ー despite everything we’ve thrown at it ー 80% of people who get depressed get depressed again.

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Positive Psychology

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What is Positive Psychology and why does it matter - can it really help us live happier, more fulfilled, and more productive lives, and how? Why is communication so important - both the way we communicate with others, as well as the way we reciprocate by listening more actively? What is our purpose in life? How do spirituality and psychology intertwine, and how can we find a way to let them complement rather than compete with each other, to peacefully coexist and enhance our health and happiness? Is there a ‘right’ way to live, and how can I live more freely? Are there different seasons in our lives, and how do we shift and move on from one chapter to the next? How can we break out of a rut in our everyday lives for less stress and anxiety, and more joy and ease? There are countless questions we want to ask our experts to gain their wisdom and perspective on, and we look forward to exploring as many of them as possible.

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