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Youth and Family

Our “coming of age” is one of the most pivotal times of our life. When we shed our youth and move forward into adulthood can happen at a different age for each person, and the journey doesn't happen overnight. It’s a culmination of all of the experiences throughout our lives - from our early childhood to our teenage years and later development - and how that shaped us into who we become as adults who will keep on evolving. And the influence of the people around us can have an enormous impact, whether that’s our parents, siblings, other relatives, teachers, or friends, or the various people we meet along the way. There can be a lot of pressure in helping raise other human beings. Beyond the basics of survival and morality, navigating the turbulent emotional years of youth can be tough too - and the world today is ever-changing, which only makes it more complicated. Kids today are facing new challenges that we never had to, whether that’s due to the impact of technology, the transformation of our planet and the landscapes within it, or the newfound freedoms and definitions that help to make up modern society. It’s not just our youth, though: family goes beyond that. It’s the basis for some of the most important relationships we have, from our spouses and life partners to our elders and other relatives. And it’s ok to ask for help sometimes, or strive to learn more about how to be better at supporting our families and helping them flourish. As the saying goes, it takes a village - and we’re happy to be a part of it.

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Why and How to Raise a More Mindful Child

The world today is a different place to the one we grew up in. Not literally, of course, but the tools needed to navigate a positive well-being existence for children are in rife demand. Bullying, for instance, is now readily available online with subtle, insidious effects. Teaching mindfulness – which, at its most basic, is simply paying full attention to the moment and not being overwhelmed by it – at a young age can nip it in the bud by promoting greater compassion.

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Youth and Family

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What defines a family? Is it who we are born with, who raises us, or the people we choose to consider as family? It’s not an easy question, and the answer could vary depending on each person’s unique circumstances and experience in life. Regardless of where or how you grew up, there’s one thing we all have in common: growing up comes with its fair share of challenges, and so do the later stages of life, including marriage, parenthood, senior life, and beyond. What is the hardest thing that the children and teenagers of today face? What is the best way to guide and help a difficult teenager? How can we be more supportive of our children? As a teenager or youth yourself, how do you discover your true identity, and how can you learn to be more comfortable with being yourself? How can we be better parents? How can we be better partners to our spouses? How can we be better siblings? How do we deal with a difficult family member, and how do we diffuse arguments in the family? How do we make our families understand more, or accept us for who we are? How do we deal with bullies, or family members who gaslight us? How do we heal from family or generational trauma? What is the best way to build your own happy family, whether that’s through assisted fertility or more natural means - or through the habits, traditions, and morals that we raise our children with? How do we create a happier home? How do we deal with the grief of losing loved ones, whether that’s our elderly or our other family members? While each family may have their own way of dealing with it, some things - such as the love, respect, and support we offer to the others within our unit - are undeniable, and we hope to explore them as much as we can.

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