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Love and Freedom

The Art of Sensual Spirituality

Get ready for a deep exploration of spiritual psychology to transform your personal, spiritual, sexual, and relational life. Discover tools to strengthen your intuition, cultivate more energy, and form a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and others. This 4-week course by Jorge Ferrer is a journey for the open-minded to reconnect with sensuality in progressive ways and explore new ways to experience life fully.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Learn techniques to activate all dimensions of being a human: body, vital energy, heart, mind, and consciousness.
  • Discover spiritual practices to feel more grounded, harmonious, and balanced.
  • Reawaken your energy with practical tools to connect your sensuality and spirituality.
  • Explore a spiritual vision of intimate relationships and discover practical tools to feel more fulfilled.
  • Strengthen your intuition through reconnecting with nature and inner wisdom within yourself.

Course Host

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Born in Barcelona, acclaimed author Jorge Ferrer has been praised for his work on alternative intimate relationships and has been heavily featured in a number of psychology journals. From spirituality and mysticism to psychology and shamanism, the Ibiza-based relationship counselor, educator, and public speaker shares a unique perspective on the human condition, and is a celebrated expert on the art of sensual spirituality.

Course Plan

Week 1 - Rediscovering Yourself
Through guided meditations and the practice of unconditional acceptance, this week grounds the rest of the course’s explorations in a holistic understanding­ of your personal reality. The foundation of successful relationships is healthy intimacy with oneself.
Week 2 - Embodying Your Spirituality
What does it mean to live a fully embodied spiritual life? This week introduces an integral spirituality that honors the voice and wisdom of all human dimensions (somatic, sexual, emotional, mental) without conflicts or dissociations.
Week 3 - Integrating Sex and Spirit
The integration of life energy and consciousness is central to both a fully embodied spirituality and a sacred sexuality. This week invites you to explore the relationship between your sexuality and spirituality, as well as provide understanding and practical tools to work toward their integration.
Week 4 - Spirituality and Intimate Relationships
What’s the spiritual meaning and function of intimate relationships? For our final week, guided by a spiritual understanding, you will learn how to minimize sexual habituation, understand infidelity as a growth opportunity, transform jealousy, and better discern the success of your intimate bonds.
Master Class
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Master Class

If you're in touch with your spirituality but out of touch with your body, Jorge’s master class is an eye-opening way to help you connect the mental and emotional.

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