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Mastering Social Interactions

The Art and Science of Connecting with Others

Would you like to learn more about social skills? Are you shy, or occasionally a little socially awkward? Maybe you’d just like to strengthen your interpersonal skills and boost your social confidence. Join Ty Tashiro's 5-week course to learn how to manage shyness, improve social skills, and discover what really matters for building relationships.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Create closer relationships and build high-quality social connections.
  • Overcome any insecurities related to social awkwardness with effective techniques from psychological science.
  • Celebrate your personal social strengths and work on the areas for improvement.
  • Learn practical tools to enhance social skills to improve your daily interactions.
  • Improve your unique social skill set for dating and nurturing romantic relationships.

Course Host

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Ty Tashiro is an author, psychologist, social scientist, and relationship expert. After growing up as what he describes as a socially awkward child and teenager, Ty soon discovered his calling to become a social scientist. Through many years of studying human behavior and social interactions, Ty has discovered a unique science of why we’re socially awkward and why that’s awesome.

Course Plan

Week 1 - Am I Socially Awkward? The Psychology of Social Awkwardness
Everyone has awkward moments, but some of us are more awkward than others. Let’s start with investigating what it means to be awkward, the unique ways awkwardness manifests in different people, and how we can orient ourselves toward meaningful social goals.
Week 2 - How to Level Up Your Social Skills
This week we will focus on social skills, why awkward people struggle to decipher certain social skills, and provide some tips about how to execute skills in different situations.
Week 3 - What Do I Say? The Science and Art of Conversation
We’ll focus on conversational skills and strategies for starting conversations, building momentum, and closing conversations in ways that promote future interactions.
Week 4 - Who is Likable? The Science of Strengthening Friendships
This week we look beyond singular social interactions and focus on the keys to building deeper, more meaningful relationships over time.
Week 5 - Why is Dating So Awkward? The Science of Attraction and Love
The most advanced social skills happen in the area of romantic relationships and this week we’ll take a look at specific tips for how to navigate dating challenges as an awkward person.
Master Class
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Master Class

Take Ty’s master class in social interactions, managing shyness, improving social skills, and discovering what really matters for building relationships.

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