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Navigating Modern Dating and Break Ups

A Fresh Approach to Relationships and Situationships

Is the dating scene getting you down? Tired of being ghosted, breadcrumbed, or whatever the latest dating trend is? In this 7-day course, mindset coach Adil shares practical tools, techniques, and personal stories to help you break free from limiting belief patterns, improve your self-awareness, and boost your confidence. From identifying red flags, to improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries, deepening connections, overcoming breakups, and so much more, this course offers a helpful guide to navigating the world of modern dating and relationships.

Course Highlights

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back in your dating life.
  • Discover practical tips and exercises for navigating the modern dating scene, including identifying and avoiding red flags.
  • Develop a clear understanding of what you want in a relationship and learn how to communicate your needs and desires effectively.
  • Cultivate tools and strategies for overcoming breakups and common dating pains – such as heartbreak and being ghosted.

Course Host

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Mindset coach and mentor, Adil – who has spent the last decade focusing on his own self-development – specializes in helping men and women navigate the often complicated world of modern dating, relationships, and breakups. With an upbeat and practical approach, Adil’s solutions-focused philosophy offers clarity and positivity, encouraging people to develop their relationship with themselves first. Adil is also the founder of a growing community, Brotherhood DXB with a mission to change the societal and social media driven negative connotations surrounding “masculinity”. Renowned for helping his clients reach their potential, he disrupts and dismantles the toxic tag, and offers a unique, empathetic approach to coaching.

Course Breakdown

Day 1: Reflecting on Your Track Record

Day 2: What Do You Really Want?

Day 3: Breaking Free from Dating and Relationship Fears

Day 4: Mastering the Modern Day Dating Scene

Day 5: How to Spot Red Flags

Day 6: Relationships vs Situationships

Day 7: Overcoming Break-Ups and Dating Pains