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Power Up Your Resilience

Building Emotional Fitness and Healthy Habits

Resilience is the strength and the ability one needs to bounce back from trauma, adversity, and hardships in life. And the art of resilience is about extracting untapped strengths from the past and using them to enhance and protect one’s well-being. Learn how to build up your emotional, mental, and social resilience muscles to increase your all-round well-being and meaning with healthy habits in Stephen Lew's insightful 5-week course.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Learn how to create a self-care toolbox and extract unrealized resilience resources from the past.
  • Understand how to, and the importance of, recognizing and reframing self-defeating thoughts, and learn to apply stress reduction techniques.
  • Develop self-awareness in boosting emotional agility and emotional intelligence, and gain the ability to apply visualization and breathwork to modulate stress and anxiety.
  • Discover how to build social resilience and well-being habits, and to strengthen connections with others and nature.
  • Form a deeper bond with your inner child with self-care and self-compassion while engineering hope and agency to achieve goals.

Course Host

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Stephen Lew – who founded The School of Positive Psychology in Singapore 15 years ago – is a certified psychotherapist, and clinical hypnotherapist who enjoys extracting nuggets of wisdom from stories and conversations shared on his Getting Naked with Happiness podcast, is highly passionate about positive leadership, trauma-informed leadership, and ecological well-being.

Course Plan

Week 1 - Resilience Knowledge
REACH (Resilience, Emotional Fitness, Awareness, Connection, and Habits) is a five-part framework that uses positive psychology, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy techniques to help people improve their resilience and self-care skills. Welcome to Week 1, where host Stephen Lew will guide you to strengthened cognitive, emotional, and social resilience.
Week 2 - Emotional Fitness
Emotional intelligence and the ability to handle stress and hard feelings are important for a healthy emotional identity. This week we learn to apply techniques to enhance emotional agility through the practice of body-mind connections, emotional awareness, and emotion vocabulary.
Week 3 - Awareness
This week we will focus on building resilience muscles through the expansion of conscious and unconscious awareness, using techniques like reflection, cognitive reframing and diffusion, and mindfulness to learn how to spot and stop unhelpful ways of thinking.
Week 4 - Connections
This week we tap into interpersonal, intrapersonal, and human-nature connections. Our brains are wired to connect with others. Social relationships provide us with a sense of safety, comfort, empathy, and moral support. Mapping and strengthening our social resources are crucial to our mental health.
Week 5 - Habits
In our last week together, we’ll delve deeper into habit formulation strategies that will develop and sustain well-being routines to safeguard your mental health. By practicing these new techniques and applying newly-gained knowledge, you will have the skills to power up your resilience.
Master Class
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Master Class

Learn how to create a resilience and self-care toolbox to increase well-being and add meaning to your life with this Infijoy master class by Stephen.

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