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The Science of Dating

Using Psychological Science to Develop a More Intelligent Approach to Dating

Why do our instincts trick us? How do you know if you have picked the best partner? Most people want a love story that ends with a forever happiness, but finding a stable relationship is harder than ever. Join this 5-week exploration into why dating has become so difficult, and how to use the latest psychological research to craft an intelligent strategy to find your happily ever after.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Learn techniques to attract a partner who gives you the best chance of crafting a love story that ends happily ever after.
  • Use your head and your heart to prioritize what really matters to you in romantic relationships.
  • Challenge societal narratives about what it means to be in love.
  • Discover why modern dating is difficult through research about dating attitudes, relationship trends, and marital outcomes.
  • Get insights from psychological research that provides fascinating answers about how, why, and who people are attracted to.

Course Host

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Ty Tashiro is an author, psychologist, social scientist, and relationship expert. After growing up as what he describes as a socially awkward child and teenager, Ty soon discovered his calling to become a social scientist. Through many years of studying human behavior and social interactions, Ty has discovered a unique science of why we’re socially awkward and why that’s awesome.

Course Plan

Week 1 - What Do You Want from Your Love Life?
This course’s goal is to help you clarify your version of “happily ever after” and then to provide you with the information needed to make wise decisions when choosing a partner. To achieve this, we will answer the following questions in the days to come: What do people want from their romantic relationships? How do societal expectations influence people’s unhealthy attitudes toward dating and romantic relationships? What does “happily ever after” really mean, and why do only four in ten people find it?
Week 2 - Why Is Modern Dating So Difficult?
If you feel frustrated by modern dating or confused by how to navigate the dating process, trust me, you are not alone. In Week 2, we’ll take a look at the complexities of modern dating that are not always obvious, including societal shifts and technological tools that have dramatically changed the rules of dating. And we’ll see why these shifts and tools have yet to fulfill their promise of finding your perfect match.
Week 3 - Three Wishes for Your Ideal Romantic Partner
The point of the sessions this week is not to say you’re a bad person for wanting a partner who is physically attractive, or who might achieve a certain degree of wealth. The truth is that for most people, these will be characteristics they desire, but the trick is figuring out “how much is enough.”
Week 4 - How to Outsmart Online Dating Algorithms
You’ve probably had your friends ask about a new partner: “So what’s he/she like?” They are interested in hearing about your first impressions, which might include the partner’s physical attractiveness or job, but also they want to know what their personality is like. Psychologists have developed reliable models for assessing personality, and in Week 4 we’ll discuss how to assess a partner’s personality, your own personality, and why personality traits are such powerful predictors of long-term relationship satisfaction and stability.
Week 5 - Attaching to Your Happily Ever After
Our early relationships with our caregivers form attachment styles, which are beliefs about how much close others can be trusted to provide what we need. Developmental psychology researchers have found that these early childhood beliefs are surprisingly predictive of adults' beliefs about romantic relationships, impact how adults interact with their romantic partners, and one partner’s attachment style exerts a strong influence on couples’ marital satisfaction.
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Why has dating become so difficult; how do our instincts trick us into bad dating decisions; and how can we use the latest psychological research to craft an intelligent love? Take a sneak peek in Ty’s master class.

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