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The Choice to Be Happy

Find Happiness in All Areas of Life

Happiness is different for everyone. And while it is not a fixed emotional state, everyone can benefit from experiencing more joy, satisfaction, and contentment in their lives. In this 5-week course, Happiness Specialist Henrique Bueno unpacks the meaning of happiness, shares tools to cultivate more positivity, and explores ways to improve your spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being. Creating a happier life starts with a choice to make changes to what you have control over.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Use effective tools to become happier in the 5 areas of life: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional.
  • Cultivate self compassion and resilience to tackle life’s challenges from a new perspective.
  • Discover simple tools to create more life meaning and purpose and gain a greater appreciation of day-to-day life. 
  • Break down the limiting beliefs that get in the way of achieving happiness and well-being.
  • Build a healthier and stronger relationship with yourself and others.

Course Host

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Happiness specialist Henrique Bueno is the founder and CEO of the Wholebeing Institute Brazil, and the World Happiness Fest Brazil. He is also an international speaker on leadership and communication programs, as well as a visiting professor at several universities. Having attained his MAPP degree Henrique decided to dive deep into the scientific studies of what makes life worth living.

Course Plan

Week 1 - Spiritual Well-Being (Finding Meaning and Appreciating the Path)
Happiness can be understood as the combined experience of pleasurable emotions and meaning. Feeling good, therefore, is not enough. This week will introduce the two principles of spiritual well-being: meaning and purpose, and appreciation. You will be exposed to a grounded concept of a meaningful life, and will learn to appreciate and find meaning in day-to-day activities and experiences.
Week 2 - Physical Well-Being (Taking Care of Yourself)
We know that you know this part: for physical well-being you need to eat well, practice physical exercise, and allow yourself to rest. There is no mystery here, right? This week will offer a new approach to the move-eat-rest triad in a way that integrates and elevates your busy life. You will be invited to create new positive habits in alignment to your unique reality. You will also leave behind the idea of mind and body separation and will understand yourself as a system, finding ways to be aware of your thoughts and use your body as a tool to deal constructively with your thoughts and emotions.
Week 3 - Intellectual Well-Being (Developing a Growth Mindset)
Have you ever been so absorbed in a challenging activity that you forgot the passing of time? The answer is probably yes; we all have. And we all should aim for this sublime experience more often! This week will show you how you can bring more flow to your life. How you can – and should – fully engage your mind and your strengths towards a life-long learning experience. You will be invited to examine your life through action (openness to experience) and reflection (curiosity) in a virtual cycle of growth and learning.
Week 4 - Relational Well-Being (Loving Yourself and Others)
From the blue zones to the Harvard Adult Development Study, positive relationships have been shown to arguably be the most essential component of a happy life. This week, you will explore what leading your authentic vulnerable life would look and feel like, and how self-care and self-compassion are key for enjoying both growth and well-being. You will learn how to use appreciation and gratitude as a means to avoid hedonic adaptation on your most fulfilling relationships. You will also dive deep into the power of real listening and of a positive and constructive approach to conversations.
Week 5 - Emotional Well-Being (Living Your Best Positive Self)
Let’s face the brutal facts: the number of people living in a bad emotional shape at work and at home is astounding. Stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression are rampant, fueled by the effects of the recent pandemic. This week you will learn to integrate all dimensions of the SPIRE model in ways to live a more intentional life, towards more balance and happiness. You will learn to apply the concept of permission to be human, and to identify ways to re-aim yourself towards your most ideal positive and resilient self daily.
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Master Class

Discover tips and tools to help elevate the spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional dimensions of happiness in Henrique’s master class.

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