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The Diversity of The Human Brain

Understanding Autism, ADHD & Other Types of Neurodivergence

Being neurodivergent means having a brain that works differently from the average or “neurotypical” person. From autism and ADHD to the other types of neurodiverse conditions, neurodiversity describes people who experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways and how these differences should not be viewed as deficits. In this 3-week course with neuroscientist Dr. Hagar Goldberg, discover insights and strategies to help you gain a deeper understanding of neurodivergence and practical ways to manage it better.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Learn about neurodiversity from multiple perspectives – both scientific and personal, covering the social, psychological, clinical and neuroscientific modern approaches.
  • Befriend your brain by integrating the scientific with the personal to promote self-understanding and compassion for the brain and its stories.
  • Understand the importance of neurodiversity in promoting flexible and inclusive social systems and expanding human empathy and connection.
  • Utilize brain science and self-awareness to raise self-acceptance and agency over your life.
  • Through the exploration of neurodiversity, work toward self-love and ways to fulfill your human potential and expand your impact and satisfaction.

Course Host

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Passionate about neuroscience, and driven by human development, neuroscientist Dr. Hagar Goldberg has spent years leading research and educational projects on the behavioral and neuronal mechanisms of empathy, creativity, human social-emotional development, learning, and neurodiversity. With a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Hagar is an academic instructor at the University of British Columbia, where she views and applies learning as a cognitive, emotional, and social experience.

Course Plan

Week 1 - What is Neurodiversity Anyway?
To understand the impact of neurodiversity on our lives and its potential as a driving force toward creativity and self-fulfillment, we first need to understand the what, how, and why of neurodiversity.
Week 2 - Inclusion and Belonging as Neuro-Minorities in “Neurotypical” Society
This week we will explore how we integrate and find our place in a “neurotypical” social world. We will discuss issues like stigma, inclusion, and the contribution of neurodiversity to the (neurotypical) society.
Week 3 - My Neurodivergent Brain: My Superpower and Kryptonite
This week we shift the point of view inward and work with your perspective to learn some concepts and techniques, and apply them to study our neurodivergent mind, or the neurodivergent mind of our loved one.
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Master Class

What is neuroscience and why is it important? Take a closer look at the inner workings of the brain with Dr. Hagar's Infijoy master class.

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