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Breathing To Calm The Nervous System

Breath is an intrinsic part of life that is inextricably linked with our emotions. When we’re shocked, we draw in a sharp breath of surprise. When we’re angry, a hot snort of breath will often escape from the nose. When we panic, our breath tends to come in sharp, short bursts, and when we are nervously awaiting something, we do so with bated breath. There is no denying that our emotions can affect the way we breathe. But did you know that our breath, too, can influence the way we feel? 

If you are stressed, anxious, or trying to calm racing thoughts, the “Long Exhale” breathing technique can be used as a therapeutic way to bring about some tranquility. Breathing consciously, with your exhale a little longer than our inhale, can stimulate your vagus nerve and send messages to your brain’s limbic system to relax a little. We’ll guide you through it for a quick but effective path to more moments of calm. 

This meditation is suitable for all levels.

Duration: 5 mins


Quick-Fix Meditation
Guided Meditation

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Breathing to Calm the Nervous System