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Originating from yogic traditions, gazing meditation - also known as “Tratak” or “Trataka” - is a practice that involves staring at a single point for a fixed period of time. It is traditionally done with a flame, but it can also be done with something else that brings you peace. Keeping your focus on a specific point or item can help to clear your mind of other thoughts - and in the case of a candle-gazing meditation, there is the added benefit of the element of fire, which can lead to relaxing, introspective, and soothing feelings of calm, inspired energy. Some studies have suggested that this type of meditation may even help with cognitive function.

We recommend keeping your body and your gaze relaxed during this meditation. You will need a candle - if you don’t have one handy, you can look at a picture or video of a flame instead. This meditation is kept short to help you avoid placing excessive strain on the eyes.

This meditation is suitable for all levels.

Duration: 4 mins


Quick-Fix Meditation
Eyes Open
Guided Meditation

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