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The Loch Ness Friend

When we were children, bedtime stories - a soothing voice reading a simple story as we gently drifted off into la-la land - would help many of us fall asleep. As adults, those of us who still enjoy stories before bed usually read them ourselves. As wonderful as that can be, this still requires brain activity, concentration, and open eyes that are sometimes illuminated with the light of a screen - which can disrupt the release of melatonin, the “sleep hormone” that helps us get better shut-eye. Sleep story meditations can be a wonderful, passive way of sending us into dreamland, relaxing and uplifting us as we nod off. 

In this sleep story, we follow Carl, a wise old man with a peaceful and contented life, as he travels into a world of whimsical fancy one breezy, sleepy afternoon. As Carl meets Nessie, a friendly and mystical beast known to many as the Loch Ness Monster, he discovers just how magical life can be when we embrace our imagination - and share our unique gifts with others. 

Duration: 23 mins


Sleep Story
Medium Meditation

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