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Holistic Self-Care

Tools for Physical, Emotional & Psychological Well-Being

"Self-care", a buzzword in modern times can be seen or heard all around us. Be it social media hashtags, in magazines, or from friends and family. But what does self-care actually mean? And, more importantly, how can you approach your own self-care to build the life you want for yourself? At the core of your well-being is your relationship with yourself, and this 6-week course – about mental, physical, and spiritual self-care – aims to arm you with the tools to strengthen that relationship.

What you can achieve with this course

  • Discover all areas of self-care from emotional and physical to spiritual and mental.
  • Create a self-care routine inspired to improve your relationship with yourself.
  • Practice evidence-based techniques to create healthier daily habits to boost your overall well-being.
  • Feel more confident, energized, and connected with yourself physically and mentally.
  • Set new goals for all areas of your life that make you feel motivated and excited for the future.

Darlene Marshall

Holistic Wellness Expert

Holistic wellness expert Darlene Marshall has a decade of experience helping others better understand themselves, one another, and our shared world. More important than her MAPP degree, to Darlene, is the work she has done with thousands of people through workshops, seminars, and 1-on-1 sessions helping people live fuller, more fulfilling, and more meaningful lives.


Course Features

  •   Start the course anytime
  •   6 hours on-demand learning
  •   31 short lessons with expert videos
  •   Daily tasks to apply new knowledge practically
  •   Lifetime access to videos & notes
  •   Certificate of completion
Join Now for $199.99

Course Outline



Take a closer look in Darlene’s short master class at the fundamentals of how to best approach your self-care to build the life you want for yourself.

Holistic Self-Care

Improve Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-Being 

Join Now for $199.99

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