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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Infijoy's Privacy Policy. Infijoy respects Your privacy and is committed to protecting Your personal data. This privacy policy will inform You as to how we look after Your personal data when You use our Platforms as defined below and tell You Your rights in regards to the same. This Privacy Policy applies to information that we collect, use and process about You when You access, utilize and/ or use the Website, Mobile Application, or other online or mobile service that links to or otherwise presents this Privacy Policy to You. We refer to these products and services collectively as the “Services.”



  1. This privacy policy sets out the privacy directions on part of INFIJOY DMCC, Unit 1406, JBC 3, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE (Hereinafter “Company / Infijoy / Us / We / Our”) with regards to the personal data and/or information that is shared by a natural / legal person (Hereinafter “You / Your / User”) while viewing / accessing / utilizing / downloading the Platforms as defined in this Policy.
  2. This Policy is in addition to any and all other agreements, policies, notices and/or legal documents made available on the Website ( / Mobile Application (App) (Infijoy) (Collectively referred to as “Platforms”) of the Company. This privacy policy supplements other notices and privacy policies and is not intended to override them. We may make changes / amendments to this Policy from time to time. Certain terms used here have been interpreted / understood / utilized in the same manner as defined under Terms of Use.
  3. In an effort to comply with changes in technology, and the adoption of new regulations and laws, we may need to change our Policy at some point in the future, in which case we'll post the changes to this Privacy Policy on this website and update the Effective Date of the policy to reflect the date of the changes. By continuing to use the Platforms after being notified of this document, it shall be interpreted / deemed / held that the User has accepted any and all changes and in no manner hold the Company liable in any manner. After we post any such changes, You accept the Privacy Policy with the latest modifications and shall be effective on You.
  4. By submitting / sharing Your personal data with Us, the User shall expressly acknowledge that they have read, understood and shall abide by the contents of Policy and agree to the use of their personal data /information as set out hereunder. In the event that the User(s) has any grievances, they may email on the contact details as provided hereunder.


  1. We collect various data /information from the User as mentioned under this clause . Please note that We need certain types of data/information so that we can provide the services on our Platforms to You. If You do not provide us with such data / information and/or ask us to delete it, You may no longer be able to access or use our Services. We are extremely mindful of the data / information that is collected from our Users. We collect only that data / information that is deemed to be required / necessary for the best and proper functioning of the Platforms as offered to Users via the same.
  2. While certain parts of the services as offered on the Platforms may not require You to provide any information that can directly identify You by name, the specific types of information we collect will depend upon the services You use, how You use them, and the information You choose to provide while viewing / accessing /utilizing the Platforms. The types of data we collect from You includes:
    1. Demographic information such as Your date of birth, name, surname and/or other information You choose to provide while creating your Account on the Platforms;
    2. Log-in credentials, if You have logged into the Platforms via a social media network as specified in the Terms of Use;
    3. Information about purchases or other transactions with Us;
    4. Information about Your customer service interactions with Us;
    5. User-generated content You provide to us, such as when You comment / post / share content on the Platforms, respond to a survey request, review a course or meditation, or participate in the public groups as available on the Platforms;
    6. Courses Assessments, Tasks and/or Meditations in which the User enrolls;
    7. Requests or questions You submit to us via online forms, email, or other forms of preferred communication;
    8. Submissions, testimonials, reviews and/or usage of the Platforms for the Subscription Term so purchased by the User;
    9. Account registration and administration of Your account as on the Platforms;
    10. Communications carried out during Customer support and technical assistance given to Users when they use / access / utilize the Platforms;
    11. The data / information so shared by the User while partaking in any and all payments via gateways as provided for on the Platforms. It must be noted that the User must read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of the payment gateways before engaging in any kind of financial transactions via the same;
    12. In the event that the User receives email communication from the Company in regards to matters arising from and in regards to the Platforms, the Company may use certain analytical tools to capture data deemed important such as when the User opened the said message and/or click on any links /banners the email contains;
    13. Any other information the User chooses to directly provide the Company in regards to their use of the Platforms.
  1. The Company and/or third party service providers may use a variety of technologies as explained below to collect / assist in the collection of certain data / information that help to further enhance the User's experience in an automated manner:
    1. Cookies:
      1. Cookies refer to the small packets of data / information consisting of visitor's preferences, user specific information, personalization details among others. These are utilized for the purposes of further personalizing the experience of the User when they are using the Platforms by understanding and remembering Your particular browsing preferences.
      2. Cookies enable / assists Us in bettering Your experience on the Platforms by
        1. Helping Us in recognizing Your device. This helps us in understanding whether the User had accessed the Platforms via said device previously and if so what the essential details were relied on to better their experience;
        2. Storing Your preferences and settings to smoothen your experience on the Platforms;
        3. Understanding the web pages of the Platforms You have visited;
        4. Enhancing Your experience on the Platforms by delivering and measuring the effectiveness of content as well as advertisements to Your interests;
        5. Performing basic searches and analytics necessary for above specified services;
        6. Assisting the Company with security and administrative functions as and when the User accesses the Platforms.
      3. It is important to note that by deleting / blocking / disabling and / or managing any or all cookies, the User may not have access to certain features / services on the Platforms. For more information about the nature / use / of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy.
    2. Log Information:
      1. Log information refers to the data / information that is automatically collected about the User's computer's connection to the Internet, including but not limited to IP Address, operating system, browser type, connection and device processing speed, device unique identification number, operating system among others. The Log information differs when collected from the Website or the Mobile Application as explained below:
      2. Websites:
        When the User accesses our services via the Website, we collect / process / analyze data / information such as the IP address, browser types and/or language(s), operating system on the device, software and hardware attributes of the device(s) used by the User to access / view / utilize the services as on the Platform, the URL of the referring and exit pages, the number of clicks, pages viewed and the order of those pages, date and time of use, content watched, total minutes watched / presence on the Website, number of sessions and/or average duration of the same, error logs, and other similar marketing metrics deemed necessary about how You use the Website.
      3. Mobile Applications:
        When You use Infijoy's Mobile Application, We automatically receive data / information about the device(s) used to access the Mobile Application such as device identifiers, IP address, device(s) operating system and/or version, the name of the Internet Service Provider, browser type, domain name and /or other similar information, update regarding the Mobile Application, date /time / regularity of use, content watched / services utilized via the Mobile Application, error logs, and other similar information about how You use the Mobile Application.
      4. Location Information
        When You use the Services, we and our service providers may automatically collect general location data/information such as the IP address, city/state where the User is based and/or postal code of the same, name and details of the country associated with the IP address from Your device(s) which you use to view / access /utilize the services on the Platforms.
    3. Data / information collected from other sources:
      1. This refers to any and all data / information that is supplied, requested, taken in and or deemed important by Us from any third party sources with whom the User may have shared / shall share and consents to allowing Us to collect, use, retain, store and / or use such data / information for any other purpose for improving the services as offered by the Company on its Platforms. In the event that the User seeks any additional information in regards to third party sources that the Company works with, they may contact the Data Protection Officer via the contact details as provided below.
      2. The Platforms may include links / mentions leading to other websites. Such websites / applications are governed by their own policies and /or terms of service. Once the User click on / accesses / grants consent to going to such website / application, this shall be held to mean that the User has gone through the same and shall not hold the Company / the Platforms liable for any losses suffered from such actions.
      3. We are in no manner liable and/or responsible for any dispute / loss / data breach arising from and in regards to such third party website / applications. We urge Users to read the third party website / application's privacy policy / terms of service before engaging with them. In the event that the User is unable to access the same, please contact their relevant authorities or legal authorities.


  1. The Company and/or third party service providers use the User's data / information for various purposes aimed at maximizing the ease and comfort of the User when they access / view / utilize the services as available on the Platforms, including but not limited in order to:
    1. Complete the purchase of the Subscription Plan / provide the services on the Platforms as requested / required by the User, including invoicing and accounting in regards to the same;
    2. Respond in an expeditious and prompt manner to the User's requests / requirements for certain data / information and/or effective and efficient customer services;
    3. Provide the User with any and all updates, notifications and/or information about various services as available on the Platforms which the User wishes to view / access / utilise;
    4. Contact the User via preferred channel of communication regarding Infijoy and third-party products, services, surveys, research studies, promotions, special events and other subjects that the Company believes may be of interest to the User;
    5. Customize / moderate the type/nature of the content / advertisements the User may view on the Platforms;
    6. Assist the Company in understanding the needs / requirements / interests of the User and take appropriate actions so as to improve / better the services on the Platforms and enhance the User's experience on the same via new/updated services, features, working and/or content;
    7. Further personalize the Platforms via data / information collected from surveys /questionnaires/testimonials so as to make sure that the User receives any and all relevant content / services on the Platforms for their benefit and/or learning;
    8. Conduct regular security checks and resolve any and all potential / present issues on the Platforms at the earliest so as to make sure that the User does not face any extended issues while viewing / accessing / utilizing the services/content as available on the same;
    9. Make sure that the Platforms and the services / content of the Company as available on the same are compliant with the laws / legislations / directions / notification ordinances, orders of regulatory authorities under the applicable law as defined in the Terms of Use with any procedures, laws, and regulations which apply to us where it is necessary for the protection / propagation of the Company's legitimate interests;
    10. To gauge the effectiveness / impact / usefulness of our communications and marketing campaigns carried out via preferred mode of communication;
    11. Express / exercise / propagate and/or defend the legal rights of the Company in regards to the Platforms and/or their functioning / use / working and/or other related legitimate interests;
    12. For the performance of a Contract. The data/information may be collected when the User, in furtherance of the terms and conditions as laid down in the Terms of Use / other legal documents as available on the Platforms, agrees to abide and uphold the same;
    13. Any additional actions / methods / workings so as improve the User's experience of the services / content as available on the Platforms.
  2. At certain instances, for the purposes as specified above and/or under this privacy policy, the Company may combine data / information it collects from the User's via the Platforms with additional information that it may receive from third party sources, both online and offline. Such combined data/information shall be subject to the rules and regulations as specified under this policy and/or the applicable law as defined in the Terms of Use.


The legal bases for using Your information as set out in this Privacy Policy are as follows:

  1. Unambiguous Consent:
    The data/information may be collected after the User has given their clear consent to the same. When the User consents to the collection of their data, it shall be interpreted / understood / construed that the User has read the Policy, Terms of Use and other such legal documents available on the Platforms before agreeing to the same; Or
  2. Performance of a Contract:
    The data/information may be collected when the User, in furtherance of the terms and conditions as laid down in the Terms of Use / other legal documents as available on the Platforms, agrees to abide and uphold the same; Or
  3. Legal Obligations:
    The data/ information may be collected after duly informing the User that it is being collected due to legal obligations / requirements to which the Company and/or the Platform is subject to and/or in accordance with the Applicable Law specified in this policy.
  4. Protect the vital interests of the User or another natural person:
    The data / information may be collected from the User after duly informing them of the same in order to make sure that the User is in a safe environment and in the event that they are in any danger to themselves / any other natural person, to accordingly relay such information to legal authorities in the User's location / country.


  1. Online Analytics:
    1. We may use third-party web analytics services such as Google Analytics, Braze, Mixpanel, Google, Facebook among others as part of our Platforms working so as to collect, analyze and/or process data/ information through methods as specified under this policy so as to engage in auditing / research/ reporting/ assist with fraud prevention and/or provide certain features to You so as to improve the personalization and experience of the User.
    2. If the User wishes to prevent / stop / end and or pause the above specified Analytics from using the User's data/ information for the purposes as specified, the User may inform the Company of the same and/or install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on by clicking here.
  2. Online Advertising
    1. The Company may integrate third-party advertising technologies into the Platforms. This is to make sure that the User is delivered relevant services / content and /or advertising not only in regards to the Platforms, but also certain other websites / surveys / knowledge bodies which may be of interest / use to the Users.
    2. The advertisements showcased on the Platforms are based on various data / information as specified under this policy to personalize / make sure that the User has access / is showcased relevant links / information. The advertisements may also be based on the activity, prior and current in nature, not only on the Platforms but also on other websites and online services accessed / viewed and/or utilized by the User.
    3. Apart from the Company, certain other third parties such as Google Analytics, Facebook and/or Google may place cookies and/or other such tracking technologies on the device(s) used by the User to access / view / utilize the services/content as available on the Platforms. Such analytics may also display, link certain advertisements modified / created / tailored as per the data/information so shared / collected from the User when the User accesses / views / utilizes the same.
    4. Users are advised to go through the policies of such analytics prior to partaking in any action in regards to them, including but not limited to clicking, opening, accessing, viewing the advertisements so put up on the Platforms by such analytics. The Company neither has access nor does this Privacy Policy apply to the use of cookies or other tracking technologies that may be placed on the Users device(s) when they access / view the advertisements by such non-affiliated third parties.
    5. The Company urges Users to go through the opt out / other such policies of such third parties in the event they wish to not be a party of such cookies / tracking technologies of nonaffiliated third parties. The Company does not control these opt-out links or whether any particular entity chooses to participate in these opt-out programs. The Company is not responsible for any choices made by the User using these links / services or their continued availability/ accuracy.
  3. Do not track notice (For IOS Users Only):
    1. In order to boost user experience and improve advertisement , the Company / its partners track/collect data from other mobile applications / websites as accessed by the Users. Users accessing the Platforms / Services from IOS based devices shall have the option to opt out of such tracking / collection of data.
    2. In the event the User does not grant the Company / its partners the permission to collect such data, it might have an effect on the user experience and nature of advertisements shared with the User on the Platforms. The User shall agree to not hold / consider the Company responsible in any manner for any deficiency / issues faced by the User due to them opting - out from the tracking / collection of such data.


We do not share the data / information that the User share with us as part of our Services with any individual / party / body corporate except in the following situations:

  1. When the User consents to such sharing:
    The Company shall share / disclose any and all data / information as specified under this policy and the Terms of Service with any individual / third party that the User consents to while using our Platforms. Any and all liabilities that may arise in regards to such data / information after such disclosure / sharing has taken place shall lie with the User and / or said individual / third party.
  2. Third Party Disclosures:
    1. Third parties that are integrated into our Platforms may also collect data / information relevant to The User in order to improve / further personalize the Platforms. We will not partake in any actions that will lead to third parties providing their own direct marketing communications to the User.
    2. The User can exercise the option to opt-out of such information / data being collected from the User via informing us of the intention of doing the same as soon as possible. However, do bear in mind that such action shall result in certain limitations that may arise in the personalization / customization of the Platforms as per the conveniences of the User.
    3. We are in no manner liable and/or responsible for any dispute / loss / data breach arising from and in regards to such third party websites / applications. Please read their respective policies / terms of service before engaging them / allowing them access. In the event that the User is unable to access the policies / terms of service, please contact the relevant authorities as mentioned on the site of the said third party.
    4. Service Providers
      The Company may provide access to or share the User's data/ information with select third parties who perform certain essential services such as billing, sales, marketing, product content features, advertising, analytics, research, customer service, data storage, security, fraud prevention, payment processing, and /or legal services in regards to the Platforms. These parties are granted access to the User's information / data to perform required services but are prohibited from using the same for other purposes.
  3. Legally required/permitted disclosures:
    We may disclose any and all data / information that the User shares with us via the Platforms with any government / judicial / regulatory authorities (Hereinafter “Legal Authority”) that we in our sole discretion deem important and necessary in order to:
    1. Comply with an order / direction given by a Legal Authority exercising competent jurisdiction.
    2. Respond to any and all claims, court orders and/or any legal processes that we may be party to directly / indirectly.
    3. To assist / partake in the protection of any and all of Our property (tangible and / otherwise) and rights, including those of our Platforms and / or third parties on whom we are reliant for providing our User the Platforms in a smooth and efficient manner.
    4. To assist / partake in any investigation, official or otherwise , that is undertaken so as prevent / stop / suspend / take any other action deemed appropriate against any action on part of the User or any associated individual / third party which is deemed under the law of the land to be wrong / fraudulent / illegal / unethical and/or against the basic purpose / working / function of the Platforms.
    5. When it is requested / required under any law or via any order from any Legal Authority for the purposes of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, prosecution of offenses including but not limited to cyber incidents.
    6. To assist / partake in the protection of any person or public from any action which the law of the land deems to be harmful.
    7. Disclosures that are specified above are made under the covenants of good faith and belief that such disclosure is necessary for the purposes of complying with the applicable laws and regulations of the land.
  4. Merger/Acquisition/Business Transfers
    As we continue to develop our business, we may buy, merge, or partner with other companies. In the event that the Company undergoes a merger / acquisition with any other body corporate / individual / partnership / company, the data / information of the User may be shared with such body in the manner as mandated / required / instructed and/or required under the applicable law.
  5. Wrongful use of the Platforms
    In the event the Company is made aware directly / indirectly of any wrongful use of the Platforms on part of the User and / or any associated / authorized individuals, we shall disclose such data / information to Legal Authorities and the User so as to take any and all actions deemed appropriate.
  6. Those allowed under the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy
    Any and all disclosures that are allowed for under the terms of service and / or the privacy policy shall be done for the specified purposes. The User is encouraged to go through both the policy and the terms of service to understand such allowed disclosures. We shall notify the User of the Disclosures as specified above if we deem appropriate to do so and/ or it is mandated under the law of the land.
  7. Public / Social Groups
    The Company has made available certain features of the Platforms that make it possible for the User to share / publicize comments/ posts with other Users of the Platforms. Any data /information that the User submits / shares through such features is not confidential (eg. such as posts in public groups) and the Company may use the same for any purposes as it deems fit, including but not limited to online advertising, marketing, testimonials among others. Users are advised to make sure that such comments / post shared should not violate the conditions under Terms of Use and therefore must be thoughtful when using these features.
  8. Social and General Information Tools:
    We use several publicly-available tools and information exchange resources, such as (but not limited to) a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and others (collectively "Social and General Information Tools"). Any information You provide or share while using Social and General Information Tools may be read, accessed, collected by that site and users of that site according to their Privacy Policy.


  1. For the term of usage of our Services, the data / information of the User shall be retained / stored / processed subject to the terms and conditions as laid down under the privacy policy / terms of service.
  2. The above specified term may extend beyond the term of the User's use of the Services. Such data / information shall be retained as long as deemed necessary to respond / quell / answer any issue / complaint / dispute the User may have in regards to the Service post the end of term of use of the Services.
  3. After the completion of usability of such data / information by us / as mandated under the law of the land we shall accordingly erase / delete any and all such data and information;
  4. We shall retain the data / information of the User for a period of 40 days after the User has terminated / ceased to use the Services;
  5. Any and all data / information that is stored / retained shall be deleted / erased in entirety should the User feel it necessary and apply for the same by informing the Data Protection Officer specified under this policy.


  1. Infijoy takes technical and organizational security measures to protect the information provided via the Services from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. However, no Internet or email transmission is ever fully secure or error free. Please keep this in mind when disclosing any information to Infijoy via the Internet.
  2. Within our organization, access to Your data is limited to those persons who require access to provide You with the Products and Services You purchase from us, to contact You, and to respond to Your inquiries, including requests for refund. Those staff members may be on teams such as: marketing, events, development, executive, customer support. Employees only have access to data that is relevant to their team, on a “need to know” basis.
  3. We advise Users to use all appropriate protections and reasonable security measures to prevent any other individuals from gaining access to Your account. Should You become aware of any individual who has gained unlawful / illegal access to Your account or other such criminal actions, we urge You to inform our Data Protection Officer at the earliest so that appropriate actions may be undertaken in regards to the same.
  4. We recommend Users to use all reasonable efforts to keep their data / information with us safe and secure. They can do so by limiting / denying access of their account to any third party, securing their login credentials and not sharing the same with other individuals.
  5. While the Company undertakes to protect the User's data in the best way possible, it is imperative to note that this in no manner is an absolute guarantee of protection of Your data / information from any and all threats.
  6. We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected personal data breach and will notify You and any applicable regulator of a breach where we are legally required to do so. In the event the User has any additional concerns pertaining to their data / information, they are recommended to contact the Data Protection Officer whose details are provided in this Policy.
  7. We may aggregate and/or anonymize any information collected through the Services so that such information can no longer be linked to You or Your device. We may use such information for any purpose, including without limitation for research and marketing purposes, and may also share such data with any third parties, including advertisers.


  1. In order to access the Platforms and use the Services, the User shall be a person above the age of 13 years. Individuals under the specified age shall not access the Platforms. The Company does not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 13 years or knowingly allow such persons to become a User of the Platforms.
  2. Users between the age of 13 - 18 years shall make sure that they access the Platforms only with approval / supervision of their parents / guardians / legal authorities.
  3. In the event that an individual under 13 years / between 13-18 years without supervision accesses the Platforms / Services available on the same, the Company shall not be held liable for any actions / damages ,legal or otherwise, that may arise from and in regards to such actions. The Company may undertake any and all actions against the parents / guardians / legal authorities of individuals as specified.
  4. The Platform is not directed and not intended to be used by individuals under the age of 13. In the event the User is made aware of any collection of data / information on the Platforms of individuals under the age of 18, they must inform the Data Protection Officer at the earliest so that appropriate action may be undertaken at the earliest.


The User may have certain rights with respect to their data / information as further described under this Clause. Click here to manage your consent.

  1. Right to Access
    The User shall have the right to access / obtain details pertaining to their personal data such as the purposes of processing, categories of data being collected, duration of retention, any additional sources of the User's data apart from the Platforms and other such issues deemed important and appropriate under the law of the land;
  2. Right to Rectification
    The User may access their personal data with the Company and request / require them to make certain changes / rectifications as deemed necessary by the User. This is to make sure that no incorrect personal data is being collected / stored / retained by the Company in regards to the Users of its Platforms.
  3. Right to Erasure:
    The User may request / require the Company to erase / delete / remove / redact / expunge any and all personal data that was being collected from its Platforms and being stored / retained by the Company. The User shall independently request third party Platforms available on the Platform to undertake such actions in regards to the User's personal data that the Platforms might possess. The Company shall in no manner be responsible if the third parties refuse to assist / entertain the request of the User.
  4. Right to restriction on processing:
    The User may request / require the Company to restrict / limit the processing of the User's personal data on the Platform in the following circumstances:
    1. When the User has informed the Company that the personal data so processed is incorrect and the same is undergoing verification by the Company.
    2. When the User has not received the requested clarifications regarding their personal data as under (a) Right to access.
    3. When the User wants to restrict rather than erase their personal data as being stored/ retained by the Company.
    4. Any additional grounds as mandated under GDPR / Local laws as applicable to the User.
  5. Right to Data Portability:
    The User may request / require the Company to communicate the personal data so collected via consent, in pursuance of a contract or automated means. Such communication shall be in a structured, orderly, easy to understand and machine-readable format. The User may request the Company to communicate such personal data with another body. However, this request may be agreed to only if the same is technically feasible for the Company.
  6. Right to Object / opt out:
    The User shall have the right to object to any method, process and/or procedures that the Company relies on to collect / store / retain the personal data, especially when the same is being utilised for direct / indirect marketing purposes. As soon as such an objection is raised, the processing of personal data of the user being utilised for direct marketing shall be ceased by the Company in an expeditious manner. The Company may continue processing such personal data of the User even after their objection if they can adequately showcase that there are compelling grounds for the same as recognized under local law.
  7. Right regarding automated decision making:
    The User shall have the right to deny / not be subject to decisions made by the Company / Platform in regards to the User's personal data by relying solely on usage of automated methods (including but not limited to profiling), especially when such decisions shall have an impact on the legal rights of the User.
  8. Exceptions:
    The exceptions to the above mentioned rights of the Users clause are as follows:
    1. When the User provides explicit consent for such automated methods;
    2. When the same is accepted by the User in the furtherance of the performance of a legal contract between the User and the Company.
    3. When such profiling is allowed for by the local law subject to the safety measures / precautions under the same.
  9. The User may approach the Data Protection Officer of the Company via contact details as provided in this Policy. Please note, however, that certain information may be exempt from such requests in some circumstances, which may include if we need to keep processing Your information for our legitimate interests or to comply with a legal obligation.
  10. What We may need from the User:
    The Company shall require / request specific information from the User to help confirm their identity and ensure that the User's right to access their personal data (or to exercise any of their other rights). This is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it. We may also contact You to ask You for further information in relation to Your request to speed up our response.
  11. Time to respond:
    The Company shall consider all requests and provide its response within 30 days. We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. In the event that it takes more than 30 days to respond to a request by the User, the Company shall take actions as deemed appropriate and required so as to safeguard the User's interests.
  12. Additional Rights:
    1. Marketing communications and sharing:
      1. The User may require / request/ instruct the Company to not use / share / provide the contact information and other such data / information that may be used to contact / reach out to the User via various means of communication, including but not limited to, by email, caller service in regards to the products, services, promotions and special events that might appeal to User.
      2. In regards to commercial communications / messages, the User may opt out by following the instructions located in such communications / messages. It is important to note that certain information as permitted by law shall be continued to be shared with the User even if they request to opt out of the same as long as it is permissible by the applicable law.



  1. In the event that the Users of the platforms should face any issues pertaining to their personal data and its collection / usage / storage / retention as carried out by the Company / Platforms, they may reach out to the Data Protection Officer and raise the same.
  2. The User may contact the Data Protection officer on [email protected] and inform them at the earliest of any issues / requests they may have in regards to the policy and /or other documents applicable to the Platforms as made available on the same. The team will reply within 30 days.


  1. The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes in the law, data collection / use practices/procedures, the features of our services / content available on the Platforms and/or advancements made in technology and science that may benefit the User.
  2. The Company shall display the latest version of the Policy at all times on the Platforms. The Users are advised to periodically read / check on the Privacy Policy and any and all amendments / news / updates in regards to the same.
  3. In the event User continue to use the Platforms after there has been an amendment / change / update in the Privacy Policy it shall be deemed that the User has consented / agreed to abide by the clauses of the new privacy policy in effect.