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How to Overcome Negativity

Releasing Worry to Make Space for Joy

Join Dr. Tayyab Rashid in this transformative short course, dedicated to conquering negativity through a solution-focused and practical approach. Influenced by positive psychotherapy, you'll discover powerful tools and techniques to leverage your strengths, amplify positive emotions, and ease life's burdens. Embrace new ways to release worry, stress, and anxiety, creating space for abundant joy in your everyday life. Get ready to unlock a happier and more fulfilling version of yourself, equipped with effective strategies to embrace positivity and resilience.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Embrace a resilience-based approach to effectively manage mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.
  • Amplify and enhance your strengths to build better stress management skills for everyday life.
  • Learn constructive techniques to deal with memories hindering personal growth and cultivate gratitude and savoring to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Gain insights into creating and sustaining positive and caring relationships for a fulfilling life journey.
  • Overcome negativity by fostering coherence and connection, serving a purpose beyond oneself.
  • Prepare to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and well-being.

Dr. Tayyab Rashid

Clinical Psychologist, Strength-Based Clinical Psychotherapy Expert & Author

Dr. Tayyab Rashid boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, having established one of Canada's most extensive databases on key indicators to study the mental health of young adults. His collaboration with Martin Seligman resulted in the renowned book "Positive Psychotherapy," widely regarded as the most comprehensive in the field. With over 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Tayyab specializes in strength-based clinical psychotherapy, demonstrating expertise in addressing complex mental health challenges, resilience, and posttraumatic growth. His vast knowledge and proficiency make him a prominent figure in the field of mental health.


Course Features

  • ¬† Start the course anytime
  • ¬†¬†6 hours on-demand learning
  • ¬†¬†20 short lessons with expert videos
  • ¬† Daily tasks to apply new knowledge practically
  • ¬† Lifetime access to videos & notes
  • ¬† Certificate¬†of¬†completion
Join Now For $199.99

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Unlock the transformative power of Tayyab's master class, where you'll learn effective everyday techniques to embrace your strengths, cultivate positive emotions, and conquer life's challenges with newfound ease.

How to Overcome Negativity

Releasing Worry to Make Space for Joy

Join Now for $199.99

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