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The Positive Nutrition Mindset Challenge

A Non-Judgemental Approach to Healthy & Sustainable Nutrition Habits

It can sometimes be confusing to know who to listen to when it comes to nutrition with so many fad diets and restrictive eating plans out there. Plus, kale smoothies certainly don't appeal to everyone. This challenge is all about creating a positive nutrition mindset and developing healthy and sustainable habits that suit you personally and in a way that you will actually enjoy. Food is fuel and should be celebrated and used to help make you feel and look better. This challenge offers an empowering, abundant, and non-judgemental way to kickstart healthy habits or to give you that inspiration you need to get back on track to happier and healthier living. 

Challenge Highlights

  • Learn what to eat to feel good physically and mentally today and in the long run.
  • Feel empowered to create a balanced routine with your nutrition that leads you to automatically break bad habits and foster ones that serve you.
  • Get to understand the link between your food choices, emotions, and stress.
  • Cut through the noise of diets and trends to eat with less judgment and more intuition.
  • Improve your gut health, energy levels, and mood with a personalized approach to your nutrition.

Kayleigh Lockhart

Holistic Health Coach

Kayleigh is dedicated to helping people enhance their well-being and overcome chronic illnesses through nutrition. Formerly in Corporate Marketing, she experienced the impact of neglecting self-care on her health. Prioritizing work over her well-being led to exhaustion, adult acne, and persistent gut issues. Determined to find a solution, Kayleigh embarked on a holistic healing journey. She shares her story and offers simple, effective strategies for improving physical and mental well-being.


Course Features

  •   Start the course anytime
  •   2 hours on-demand learning
  •   9 short lessons with expert videos
  •   Daily tasks to apply new knowledge practically
  •   Lifetime access to videos & notes
  •  Certificate of completion
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Positive Nutrition Mindset Challenge

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