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6-Day Self-Love Challenge

Improving Your Relationship With Yourself

You are loveable and you are whole, just as you are. But when you have a better relationship with yourself, your other relationships become so much more authentic and wholesome. Not only do you have more love to give, but you also open yourself to receive more. Discover practical ways to understand, accept, and love yourself more in Aliya Rajah’s 7-day self-love challenge. This is the foundation of a much more authentic relationship with yourself and others.

Challenge Highlights

  • Develop self-awareness and identify the barriers that prevent you from feeling confident.
  • Discover, by changing the way you think, how to become your own best friend.
  • Develop the ability to set healthy boundaries for yourself.
  • Understand the steps for implementing lifestyle practices that get you to say yes to yourself.
  • Learn how to pick yourself up and shift your mood when you’re feeling low. Above all else, acquire the ability to improve your relationship with yourself.

Aliya Rajah

Personal & Performance Coach - The London Coaching Academy

Dedicated to supporting people in developing their confidence, self-acceptance, and identity, Aliya Rajah is a firm believer in practicing what she preaches. Following her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, and her Master’s in Public Health, Aliya gained a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) qualification and coaching diploma. Based in the UAE, she is passionate about helping people build their confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. 


Course Features

  •   Start the course anytime
  •   2 hours on-demand learning
  •   9 short lessons with expert videos
  •   Daily tasks to apply new knowledge practically
  •   Lifetime access to videos & notes
  •  Certificate of completion
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Course Outline

6-Day Self-Love Challenge

Improving Your Relationship With Yourself

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