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Exploring Narcissism

Learn How To Identify & Deal With A Narcissist

Discover the intriguing world of narcissism as it intertwines with love, dating, family, and the workplace! Unveil its complex existence, exposing both its darker aspects and surprisingly beneficial facets when used in moderation. In our exclusive 5-week course hosted by narcissist expert Keith Campbell, gain expert insights on navigating narcissism in all relationships and master effective strategies. Plus, uncover invaluable tips for nurturing less narcissistic children. Are you ready to unravel the secrets and empower yourself?

Skills You Will Learn

  • Learn powerful strategies to handle narcissistic behavior based on the latest research from personality psychology.
  • Discover the historical roots of narcissism, its various manifestations, and its prevalence in modern society.
  • Practice effective techniques for managing narcissistic individuals, whether it pertains to yourself or others in your life.
  • Gain insight into the internal mechanisms of narcissism and its potential impact on your life, both positively and negatively.
  • Explore the role of contemporary culture and social media in nurturing narcissistic tendencies, including the emergence of new traits and rewards, as well as the long-term consequences they may entail.

About Host

Dr. W. Keith Campbell

Dr. W. Keith Campbell

Professor, Researcher & Author

Dr. W. Keith Campbell, a renowned researcher and professor, has dedicated 30 years to studying narcissism, personality, and cultural changes. His book "The New Science of Narcissism" and other numerous publications highlight how people often display narcissistic traits in everyday situations like leadership, social media, and networking.

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Course Outline

Narcissism has a rich history in mythology, art, and psychology. This week we'll explore this history and learn about the three ways narcissism is currently used. We'll talk about grandiose narcissism, the form that most of you are familiar with; vulnerable narcissism, which will be less familiar to you; and we'll talk about the psychiatric form of narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD.

How does narcissism work in the world of love, dating, and family? This week we'll talk about how narcissism works across the different stages of relationships, some tips for raising less narcissistic children, and some tips for handling narcissism in relationships.

Narcissism in the workplace is a bit complicated. It has some very dark sides, but there are also several areas where narcissism can be of benefit in small doses. This week we'll talk about a range of workplace outcomes that involve narcissism, from leadership, to creativity, to co-workers.

The world is changing rapidly, we’re moving deeper into online social networks, and eventually taking our first steps in the metaverse. Facebook, the company that started a great deal of these new dimensions of existence has changed its name to Meta, suggesting it shows no signs of slowing down our technological evolution. This week we'll talk about how narcissism works on social media, and look at how important it is to keep social media sites going, and touch on why the creation of the metaverse is crucial.

One of the most exciting discoveries of the last two decades in personality psychology is that personality can change in lots of different ways. We used to think that was almost impossible. For our last week of this course we'll talk about some suggestions for changing personality. By the week’s end, you will be able to define narcissism, explain how it works, understand how to identify it, and know what can be done about it.



Most of us display narcissistic behaviors. Healthy narcissism is adaptive, flexible and emphatic. Narcissistic personality disorder, however, is rare. Take a sneak peek at Keith’s course in this Exploring Narcissism master class.

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