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How to Live with EASE

Creating a Meaningful and Intentional Life

EASE is an acronym for four steps to help you live deliberately, on purpose, today. This method has been applied for over 20 years by founder and CEO of the Wholebeing Institute, Megan McDonough. Explore this effective way to bridge the deep introspective techniques from meditative, wisdom-centric traditions like yoga with real-world, very practical 21st century demands. This is a course about developing self-leadership – the ability to pay attention and shape your experience towards what matters most.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Learn to identify the values that are most important to you, and how they influence all aspects of your life – thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Increase your self-awareness, and understand more about how you experience your life.
  • Recognize the importance of using deliberate choices and action to consciously create how you navigate through life, instead of just reacting to it.
  • Develop and practice skills that will bring you into the present moment, so you can appreciate each one more, and live a more conscious life.
  • Pinpoint what you value most, then discover tools that use your values to create a more meaningful and intentional life for a more fulfilling purpose.

Megan McDonough

Founder and CEO of the Wholebeing Institute

Megan McDonough leads through divergent thinking and creative perspectives that harness the best in people for the greatest good. The Global Director of Growth for the Women Presidents Organization, and the founder of Wholebeing Institute, a leading organization in the field of positive psychology, she is a passionate advocate for women in leadership, with a focus on helping humans flourish. Megan – who holds a degree in nuclear medicine – has also worked extensively with the largest yoga retreat center in North America, helping it launch new initiatives like online learning and RISE, a stress resiliency program for high-stress frontline workers in education, healthcare, and business.


Course Features

  •   Start the course anytime
  •   6 hours on-demand learning
  •   31 short lessons with expert videos
  •   Daily tasks to apply new knowledge practically
  •   Lifetime access to videos & notes
  •   Certificate of completion
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Course Outline

How to Live with EASE

Creating a Meaningful and Intentional Life

Join Now for $119.99

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